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We are the young people who strives to get rid of single plastic and improve environment situation of Vietnam. We varies in industry, working experience rallying under 1 goal to make use of the Vietnamese agriculture advantage to create the next generation of “Made in Vietnam products”: Eco – friendly and high quality.

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Design for environment

Our products and even its packaging are designed to be compostable in the regular environment.

Honesty for Customer

We want our customer to know where and how their product is made. Greeny Bee uses only materials with transparent origin and high standard quality.

High quality for Simplified Products

Greeny Bee provides disposable, easy – to – use products while maintaining high quality with a strong belief that customer does not have to sacrifice convenience to save the environment.

Innovation for a Greener World

Greeny Bee strives to keep up with constantly changing world to create better products with unchanged goal: A better life for Human and Mother Earth.





409/10 Tan Hoa Dong,
Binh Trị Dong Ward, Binh Tan District,
Ho Chi Minh city, VN

Support 247

Hotline: 0938 371 699

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Feel free to reach us if you need any assistance.