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Our first and foremost rules in sourcing material is NO PLASTIC. Our materials, as of now, are mainly natural biodegradable paper, wood and bagasse. All of our materials have clear origins and fully certified to be safe for Human and Environment.

One of our vision is to create products from all agriculture leftover to make value out of it instead of disposing them away. This vision fits well with Vietnam strength in agriculture.

As a fast growing start – up, we want to make things as transparent as possible. We want to bring a new impression to “Made in Vietnam” product: Eco – friendly, High quality and affordable. All of products are made by Greeny Bee and our strictly accredited suppliers in Vietnam.

We understand there are many terminologies that make you confused in your purchase decision. Therefore, Greeny Bee is here to break it down for you 3 most “popular” terms:
– Bio – degradable: Biodegradable material will break down by itself quickly rather than taking years. It leaves nothing harmful behind and saves landfill space.
– Compostable: These materials will break down into nutrients for soil under certain level of moisture, temperature and microorganism. There are 2 level: Home Compost (Outdoor temperature and moisture) and Commercial Compost (Higher temperature). Without the right conditions, it won’t compost.
– OXO – degradable: referred as “degradable plastic” contain a mixture of plastic and addictive to make it break down into small piece. However, the plastic stay the same for hundred years just like the regular plastic which make it no difference from the regular plastic.

Our product range falls in Bio – degradable category and fits with current situation in Vietnam where waste categorization and commercial composting is not popular.

Greeny Bee product can biodegrade in 12 – 16 weeks in nature and under 12 weeks in commercial composting. The full Greeny Bee product range is designed to be compostable with food waste. This means there’s no need for sorting. Imagine after finishing your meal, the cup, lid, burger box, knife and the leftover food can all degrade together in less than a year.

You can look our products up on popular e – commerce platforms. Also, please feel free to reach out to us on this website or email us to get our direct support.

Greeny Bee always look for business partners and wholesalers to further raise consumer’s awareness to environment. Please send your information to: to start the process.

The delivery time is ranging from 3 – 30 days depends on various factors: Our raw material and production plan, your order size,.etc.. In order to minimize the delivery time, we always prepare stocks to meet with your expectation.

Being cheap is the biggest reason why plastic is getting so popular. However, there is a hidden cost that consumers have to bear instead of the corporation: Environment fixing, human and wildlife health, extinction.
Hidden cost that we are already paying without knowing it.
Greeny Bee is working harder to make it easier for corporation to make the transition away from plastic.

Circular economy creates products that can be recycled or restructured to other useful products after finishing lifecycle in order to minimize the usage of our resource as well as waste to landfill.

Greeny Bee make use of the advance agriculture of Vietnam to create new products from agriculture products and its waste. After its lifecycle, all of Greeny Bee products can be turned into soil/fertilizer to be the raw material for agriculture. At the end, we minimize the plastic reaching to the landfill and push Vietnam’s economy using its advantages.

We are on almost every social media such as: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Also, you can find all info about products on our website. Our team is pretty active on Social Media for questions or even say hi!

We see ourselves as an creative company with various innovative projects that needs new talents coming in all the time. If you want to join the Beehive, please send your CV and Cover Letter to: Moreover, if you spread out the “say no to plastic” spirit, you are already one of our eco – warrior.

We are support 24/7